4.7 Digital Citizen Advocate EDTC6107 ISTE Standard for Coaches ISTE Standards for Educators ISTE Standards for Students

Digital Citizens Advocate

ISTE standard for Coaches 4.7, The Digital Citizen Advocate, states: “Coaches model digital citizenship and support educators and students in recognizing the responsibilities and opportunities inherent in living in a digital world.” Performance indicators: 4.7.a. Inspire and encourage educators and students to use technology for civic engagement and to address challenges to improve their communities. […]

4.5 Professional Learning Facilitator EDTC6107 ISTE Standard for Coaches

Professional Learning Facilitator

ISTE standard for Coaches 4.5, The Professional Learning Facilitator, states: “Coaches plan, provide, and evaluate the impact of professional learning for educators and leaders to use technology to advance teaching and learning.” Performance indicators: 4.5.a. Design professional learning based on needs assessments and frameworks for working with adults to support their cultural, social-emotional and learning […]

4.6 Data-Driven Decision-Maker EDTC6107 ISTE Standard for Coaches

Data-Driven Decision-Maker

Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo on ISTE standard for Coaches 4.6, The Data-Driven Decision-Maker, states: “Coaches model and support the use of qualitative and quantitative data to inform their own instruction and professional learning.” Performance indicators: 4.6.a. Assist educators and leaders in securely collecting and analyzing student data. 4.6.b. Support educators to interpret qualitative and […]

4.4 Learning Designer EDTC6107 ISTE Standard for Coaches ISTE Standards for Students

Learning Designer

ISTE Standard for Coaches 4.4, The Learning Designer, states: “Coaches model and support educators to design learning experiences and environments to meet the needs and interests of all students.” Performance indicators: 4.4.a. Collaborate with educators to develop authentic, active learning experiences that foster student agency, deepen content mastery and allow students to demonstrate their competency. […]

4.2 Connected Learner EDTC6107 ISTE Standard for Coaches ISTE Standards for Educators ISTE Standards for Students

Connected Learner

ISTE Standard for Coaches 4.2, The Connected Learner, states: “Coaches model the ISTE Standards for Students and the ISTE Standards for Educators, and identify ways to improve their coaching practice.” Performance indicators: 4.2.a. Pursue professional learning that deepens expertise in the ISTE Standards in order to serve as a model for educators and leaders. 4.2.b. […]

4.3 Collaborator EDTC6107 ISTE Standard for Coaches


ISTE Standard for Coaches 4.3, The Collaborator, states: “Coaches establish productive relationships with educators in order to improve instructional practice and learning outcomes.” Performance indicators: 4.3.a. Establish trusting and respectful coaching relationships that encourage educators to explore new instructional strategies. 4.3.b. partner with educators to identify digital learning content that is culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate […]

4.1 Change Agent EDTC6107 ISTE Standard for Coaches

Change Agent

ISTE standard for Coaches 4.1, The Change Agent, states: “Coaches inspire educators and leaders to use technology to create equitable and ongoing access to high-quality learning.” Performance indicators:  4.1.a. Create a shared vision and culture for using technology to learn and accelerate transformation through the coaching process.  4.1.b. Facilitate equitable use of digital learning tools […]