4.7 Digital Citizen Advocate EDTC6101

Building relationships, a reason to act with integrity.

ISTE for Coaches describes the curation of the digital profile as the “ability to represent oneself online based on activities and connections or tagging through social media posts, photos, public online comments or reviews.”  Selecting, and organizing what we want to say and reveal about ourselves will directly impact the kind of relationships we develop, […]

4.3 Collaborator 4.7 Digital Citizen Advocate EDTC6101 ISTE standards

Respect in the Digital Age

Considering the increasing use of technology that brings people together from around the world, the existence of cultural differences, and the digital divide between those who have access to technology and those who don’t, there is a growing need to promote respect for cultural diversity. ISTE standards for Coaches #7b addresses the importance of fostering […]

Language learning

How to learn Spanish, and not forget it.

There are many videos, activities and books that can help you learn Spanish. Many of them focus on vocabulary or grammatical concepts. However, if you want to be able to understand and produce language, you need to learn more than just words and grammar, you need to learn messages, expressions, and complete sentences. Furthermore, you […]